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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


A lot of is made of 'DIAGNOSIS' in WESTERN MEDICINE under the assumption that naming a symptom or naming an illness, disease or condition,etc. is the first step in making any adjustments, treatments, cures, and the like..... Too many fall into this 'trap' which then fixes the emotional and intellectual aspects of the descriptions used or mentioned in the minds of the patients or the afflicted...... In the past, a number of conditions,usually incurable and dangerous or the like, were not mentioned to the patient having them but sometimes only to close family members...for example, cancer in a wife was mentioned by the physician to the husband only,etc....this early standard of 'privacy' often gave 'false hopes' to those doomed to death, no doubt.....However, more stringent policies of privacy today often obstruct and limit even a better understanding of one's conditions... WESTERN MEDICINE has placed a great emphasis on identifying the various diseases and conditions that the human body can be subjected to and also the possible treatments and approaches,such as drugs or surgery...all well and good and the 'modern marvels of medicine' have worked miracles in some instances it would seem, especially as the technological advances have shown.....but reliance on just lab tests and technology,which involves much screening, x-raying, mri's, and other things....have isolated the physician and the doctor and the healer from teh patient in many great respects... The FACTORY SYSTEM of treatment now operating in most places where the patient is one of many all seen at nearly the same time by a doctor, dentist, or other 'health provider' simply puts one patient in one room and then he or she is quickly shunted out of that room after a bried and usually cursory examination(which necessitates more visits and more tests as rule with some exceptions)and another patient enters and goes through the same approach....Doctors also charge by each and every motion they make in such examinations or treatments.... Insurance companies also determine certain health and medical procedures and medicines and the like and restrict doctors in many ways...although some doctors have their own policies and refuse certain insurance plans and the like...now some do this for 'medicare/medicaid'... Consequently, a more traditional approach to diagnosis is simply to find where the energies and blockages in the body are found and to begin from there,which means usually the determination of the various pulses of the body, the 'color' of the patient, and the discussion held with the patient plus the experience and training of the physician who begins this way...following a sort of 'classical' approach...... As I delve into this and attempt to describe these things as best I can under the circumstances, I find there is a vast body of things that anyone who either attempts to assist others in their personal healing of things or for themselves really need to know and to understand.....

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